By Kara Novotny

June 1, 2022

First, I would call it the 3D Metal Forward Initiative.

Manufacturing friends,

This tone already sounds too formal. I know you’re going through a lot of bumps in the road right now. People who work in factories only really know what it’s like inside of them right now. Chaos. People are switching jobs. Turnover rates are crazy. Managers on rotation. 

Okay, all of that is nothing new.

What’s new is the supply chain is being heavily dismantled right now piece by piece. A few links in the chain break, so you grab duct tape and loop it a few times around the broken chain link. You might have time to weld it back together. Knowing that it’s going to bust again at that linkage point, or another linkage point.

IS ANYBODY OUT THERE??? You might scream in your head.

There might not be anyone to fix your problem. That’s life. And that’s why I’m sure you’re amazing at your job. Because your clever and creative and you don’t take “no” for an answer.