Our Experts
Kevin Ayers

Kevin worked as a design & manufacturing engineer for over three decades with one of the first organizations to use 3D printing technology as end use parts. He built tens of thousands of parts going back to the early nineties. He was also an advisor for the Society of Manufacturing engineers, the SME Industry Manager over the Additive Manufacturing Industry, a consulting editor for Advanced Manufacturing Media, and an engineer for Danfoss Power Solutions where he worked with AM for metals, polymers, composites, sand, design, and training. He assisted in implementing AM in 68 factories in 23 countries in models, plant operations, and serial manufacturing. During that time Danfoss built over 600,000 AM parts both through suppliers worldwide and internally.

Moataz Attallah
Steve Murray

35+ year 3D sand casting expert. Pattern & moldmaker, metal castings expert, fabricator, sand cores for castings, foundries, nuclear industry, energy production, food industry, auto industry, aviation/aircraft manufacturing, obsolete part production,

Thomas Sorovetz

Over 30 years of experience with top automotive company. Founded the largest additive manufacturing conference in North America in 1993. Specialty in cast metals engineering. Top industry expert & a true pioneer for additive manufacturing & 3D Printing.

Dan Brunermer

Over 20 years experience developing binder jetting technology from the printer itself, materials, software, other hardware, and rolling it out across the nation.

Boorla Srinivasa Murthy

With 30 years of experience as a mechanical engineer specializing in design, I have thrived in a global environment. My research interests lie in consumer perceptions, dimensional management, and design efficiency. I am highly skilled in customizing new product development processes for global engineering projects. Additionally, I hold GDTP Senior Certification from ASME and have expertise in technical recruitment and establishing/coaching design teams. As a Group Manager, I have successfully led teams in automotive craftsmanship and dimensional management. I also provide training on GDTP tests and dimensional management topics.

Derek Ellis

After graduating in Computer Aided Design, Derek gained expertise in additive manufacturing at an SLA service bureau. He guided companies in adopting secondary applications like silicone rubber molding and bridge tooling from 3D printed master patterns. Derek expanded his career into 3D scanning for documentation, design, and inspection. Currently, he focuses on Industry 4.0 and workflow production MES software.

Zayna Connor

Zayna is a highly experienced materials and processes subject matter expert with over 30 years of industry knowledge. She brings extensive expertise in foundry work, aluminum and cast iron materials, wrought aluminum, clad materials, and fatigue. Zayna's accomplishments include successfully resolving quality problems, reducing scrap, and saving substantial costs for customers and suppliers. Her international experience spans multiple countries, and she has developed foundries for various materials. Zayna's contributions extend to leading research and development projects funded by prestigious organizations like the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Department of Energy (DOE). Additionally, she has held certifications such as ASNT Level III in Ultrasonics and Liquid Penetrant. Her exceptional track record includes identifying root causes, preventing automotive line shutdowns, and saving millions of dollars for clients in potential claims.

Rue Patel

Rue Patel led General Mills' largest manufacturing site for 15 years, where he was accountable for delivering expected quantifiable results while prioritizing employee, consumer, and environmental responsibility. As the founder of Rue Works, he now assists small and large businesses in defining and implementing growth strategies, offers executive coaching, and speaks at industry conferences. With his extensive supply chain expertise, Rue brings valuable insights to the 3D Metal Konsulting team.

Joseph Tuzzolo

With 20 years of manufacturing experience, Joe is a highly skilled expert in high voltage metrology and calibration engineering. Currently a Technical Support Engineer at Markforged, he provides invaluable assistance and expertise. Joe's previous role as a Calibration Engineer at Hayes Instrument Service focused on optical power, sound pressure, and high voltage metrology. His commitment to precision and accuracy in calibration has earned him a reputation for excellence in the field.

Jeff Kurtz

With a passion for consulting, I help individuals navigate challenges and find tailored solutions. Drawing from decades of experience in team building, problem-solving, marketing, and leadership, I deliver customized results. I understand the uniqueness of each situation, providing personalized solutions. Working closely with students and clients brings me joy as I witness them surpass expectations. My expertise encompasses consulting, entrepreneurship, problem-solving, marketing, and experiential learning.

Owner Biography
Kara Novotny

As the esteemed owner of 3D Metal Konsulting, Kara brings a wealth of expertise in the field of additive manufacturing. With a strong background in traditional manufacturing spanning over a decade, she has cultivated a deep understanding of the industry. Kara's dedication to excellence is evident in her commitment to gathering top industry experts who share a passion for innovation and knowledge sharing. At 3D Metal Konsulting, Kara and her team offer a range of valuable services, including onsite training and virtual consultations, ensuring clients receive personalized solutions tailored to their unique requirements. With Kara at the helm, 3D Metal Konsulting is your trusted partner in navigating the exciting world of additive manufacturing.