"Manufacturing giants in all sectors want what works. They don't need perfection. They just WANT IT TO WORK."

This was a typical day for me working at the mill:

"When do you think the equipment will be back up and running? We need this running right now.”

You go to the storeroom. The spare part you need is not in stock. But I need to replace that stainless steel hydraulic manifold. What do I do now? The customer is relying on you to manufacture the finished product on time, employees will be forced on overtime if it doesn’t get fixed, and you were hoping to catch your daughter’s softball game today.

We have 105 years experience working on the frontline in factories. We know that immense feeling of frustration and despair when equipment constantly breaks down.

We respect you for carrying the supply chain on your back. Manufacturing is driving over some challenging bumps in the road. We know smooth running factory operations directly impacts employee’s well-being, the business’s profitability, and trust with customers. 3D Metal Konsulting will remove friction from the process to help you implement 3D metal printing into your operations.


Mindset is everything

1.     Work hard

2.     Take risks

3.     Seek out criticism (especially from friends)

4.     Make your product much better than the market

5.     Start from first principles

6.     Be obsessed with the quality of your product

7.     Like what you’re doing

8.     Don’t give up


Business Mission

The supply chain and the industry are RAPIDLY evolving. 3DMK services will reflect that evolution. Start building with us today.